Your Energy Is a Magnet

August nights in NJ are my favorite.  The warm weather often draws my family outside after dinner.  Last night I was hanging out in my backyard watching fireflies.  Although I no longer think they’re fairies, I still find the same enjoyment in fireflies that I did as a kid.  Their burst of energy is inspiring.  Fireflies use their light to attract their mate.  In other words, their burst of energy draws what they what to them.

Typically, we think of turning our attention inward during our yoga practice in an effort to find balance and create change. However, our inner and outer worlds are connected.  We can also create the life we want by looking outside of ourselves.

During your mat practice, in each asana, you send out a burst of energy.  If your mental dialogue turns to “I hate this pose.  I can’t do this pose”, a negative energy is created which will not only impact your present moment, but can continue to echo around you when you step off the mat.  On the other hand, when you bring your best self, your best energy, into your poses the reverberation will be felt immediately and will continue long after your mat practice ends for the day.  Every time you come to the mat, the opportunity exists to impact change in what is happening inside of you as well as what happens outside. While yogis are frequently thought of as turtles, drawing energy and focus within.  The expansiveness and reach of the firefly’s energy offers a beautiful alternative approach.  Challenge yourself to shine your best light – to grow, expand and to draw the positive energy you want toward you.

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