Kim Shand is a nationally-renowned yoga expert and on-air personality who has helped tens of thousands of people “rethink-yoga”.

Due to a severe spinal birth defect, Kim began her yoga journey at the age of 5 as an Iyengar yogini. She later trained in, and taught, Baptiste Power Yoga and Core Strength Vinyasa.  Kim continues to study Rajanaka philosophy  under the instruction of Dr. Douglas Brooks.  She has traveled on pilgrimages through the south of India, pursuing her studies of the rituals, temples and stories in the home of the tantric and vedic traditions.   Kim created the Rethink Yoga practice by fusing these inspirations with a modern application of ancient philosophies and the holistic techniques she learned certifying in Integrative Yoga Therapy.  She later established the Rethink Yoga for Trauma program for PTSD victims.  Kim has appeared in print, broadcast, and online media including the Daily Record, Elephant Journal, MindBodyGreen and MizFitOnline.

Whether discussing yoga’s impact on healthcare or happiness, Kim inspires people to take control of their wellness, how they think, and how they age, through yoga. She motivates her students to find their power, their joy, and to be “All in. All the time”.  Kim has also enjoyed speaking about the application of yoga principles in 21st century business at industry events across the country including the National WIT Convention, Unisys Corporation and the Bliss Web Conference. .

You have to do the work. But if you believe in yourself, anything is possible. – Kim Shand

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