The name says it all. To me there is nothing more fitting or appropriate to call the teaching methods and philosophy of ReThink Yoga. From my first yoga class with Kim I felt a different approach, an inner intelligence, that I immediately knew I needed to tap into. Through countless hours of personal practice and study with Kim, I began to develop, strengthen, and become aware of an internal personal power and “re-think” the possibilities and potential of life. -Gabriel

I used to  believe to get a good workout you had to hit the gym hard – That myth was shattered over three years ago when I took my first rethink yoga class.  The mind body experience and challenging work out blew me away.  I have been coming back ever since, and have recently completed my 200 hour RTY certification with Kim Shand.  It was awesome!  Kim’s teaching was physical,spiritual, engaging, informative and fun. She has transformed my personal practice to a whole new level – Anyone looking to deepen their yoga practice should sign up now for her next training seminar….you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.  -Shanti, L. Medvitz

The ReThink teacher training was an amazing experience for me.  I have gained this wonderful sense of empowerment.  Since the training I have made several positive changes in my personal and professional lives.  The training gives you the courage to do these things.  Kim also encourages her students to teach from the heart.  You leave the program with a greater sense of compassion.  I highly recommend it.  It changed my life!  -Donna Riedinger RN

I recently completed my 200 hour training with Kim and the experience was amazing.  Kim provided us with her incredible knowledge and provided us with a strong foundation.  I really enjoyed meeting weekly and made great friends.  Kim has continued to help us even after the training has ended!  I am so thankful for the opportunity.    -Shereen Bernaz

I was happy to hear that you are beginning a teacher training because it gives me great joy to know that you will change, inspire, empower and teach a new group of people how to become yoga teachers.  When I signed up for the teacher training it was on a whim.  I overheard some friends discussing it after a yoga class and thought that it may be a great way to strengthen my yoga practice.  I thought that teaching at the end of the three months would be one more thing I would aspire towards, but accepted the possibility that it would not work out.  Well, I am teaching yoga, and loving every minute of it!  It is something I never thought was in the realm of my possibilities, but the teacher training did much more than teach me the correct way to be in downward dog.  It taught me that my power is within me, always was and will always be.  You taught me how to dig deep down and harness that power to make possibility a reality.  Kim, you are a kind, generous person and teacher and I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the gift you have given to me.  You will forever be my teacher and friend.
Maria Stavropoulos