Does The Truth Change?

Early in my corporate career, I had a title, an office and responsibilities that were just slightly oversized for my age, my skills and my experience.  On one memorable afternoon I sat across from my boss over lunch as he informed me that a portion of my staff would be laid off immediately.

“You told me 2 weeks ago that my staff was safe and I relayed those assurances to them!” I said with the surprise that comes from naiveté.

“I told you the truth as I saw it at the time. “ He responded.  “Now I’m telling you the truth as it is today. “

While I was still trying to make sense of that statement, he delivered the final blow that sealed the lesson for me.  “The truth changes,” he said.

It was a lesson I would face a few different times before realizing that many factors, including an individual’s perspective and foresight, impact whether or not their truth is reliable.

In yoga we call truth Satya.  Satya is a truth that never changes.  We are born with a right to love, equanimity and happiness.  This is our intrinsic Satya.  When we stand in our Satya, the power of external circumstances to impact our happiness is significantly reduced.

At the same time, our perspective of the situations and circumstances around us, our “reality, will always be changing.  However, we can choose how we want to look at anything.  We make a choice to use the energy of any situation in either a constructive or destructive way.  Once we learn this skill, we never have to be the victim of another person’s choices or the shifting landscape of their truth.