Contact to have one, or a combination, of these workshops hosted at your studio. Workshops can also be customized to meet the needs of your studio.

Rethink Yoga, Rethink You (2 hr practice)

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Re-ignite your passion, re-energize your soul, re-think your limits. This is your introduction to the Rethink Yoga style of practice. Amp up your cardio capability with Rethink Yoga Sun Salutations. Learn a fresh, fun approach to vinyasa sequencing and asana. Advance your practice with breath and mudra techniques. Rethink Yoga merges a modern application of tantric philosophy, traditional techniques of yoga therapy and the most recent insights of western science on body mechanics. This is a transformative practice that encourages students to find their personal power. By refining and improving your ability to live fully, students discover the joy of being ALL IN. ALL THE TIME


Spirituality, Philosophy & Myth (2 1/2 hr lecture)

What is the value of Hindu mythology in yoga? Get a grasp on the primary gods and goddesses of Hindu
Tantra. Through the intrigue of storytelling, you will learn the mythical origins of tantric and classic yoga philosophy and the real world perspectives that differentiate these two points of view. Unlock the doors of these divergent philosophies so you can make educated decisions on which approaches to a yogic lifestyle intrigue you and resonate with you.

Core Control (2 1/2 hr practice and some lecture)

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Gain strength and self-assurance. Having a strong core protects your back, alleviates hip, hamstring and psoas pain, improves your balance and gives you access to more advanced yoga poses. At the same time, connecting to your energetic and emotional core strengthens your confidence and improves your relationships. You already have the strength. In this workshop you will to learn how to access it. Explore new techniques to bring awareness and control not just to your 6-pack, but to your deep core muscles, low back and glutes. Learn core strengthening exercises that compliment your yoga practice and experience unique Rethink Yoga sequencing to evolve your practice. This class is appropriate for all levels from experienced beginners to advanced.



Full Throttle & Stretch- Yoga for Cross Training (2 hr practice)

Nothing outside stops you. Only you stop you. Improve performance, reduce injuries and shorten recovery time by learning how to incorporate different modalities of movement into your workout and your practice. You will weave between strength, stretch and sweat during this workshop. Slow flow and yoga floor work will increase your flexibility and range of motion for more speed, power and comfort. Unique sprints of High Intensity Interval Training that have been engineered from yoga postures train cardio, respiratory and muscle endurance.

Yoga Deconstructed (2 1/2 hour practice)

There are always hundreds of facts in front of you. You choose where to place your focus. Whether you are at the start of your yoga journey or you have been on this path for years, take this opportunity to pursue a fresh perspective of your body, mind, and practice. Re-align your practice from the foundation for maximum effectiveness. You will:

  • Deepen your understanding of breathing and how it can be used to create calm and power.
  • Move between strength, length and over-stretched finding the right mix for your body.
  • Do strength and mobility exercises to prevent injury and heal hands, wrists, shoulders and back..
  • Access power poses with greater ease with the 5 different shoulder positions
    Demystify glutes and hamstrings to bring health to your lower back

The Power of Living Whole (3 1/2 hour lecture and light practice)

Uncover patterns of thinking, interacting and reacting that stand in the way of your greatness.
The 5 sheaths/koshas of Vedantin philosophy give us a foundation to widen our idea of what health is. You will learn the physical and psychological attributes of each kosha, learn how they impact each other, and ensure that self-healing and life as an integrated person is available to you. Take a new look at how you handle life’s challenges, how your energy effects your physical well being, the results of being stuck in your head, what triggers your fears and how this impacts your health. Investigate breathing techniques, meditation practices and mantra to reconnect and heal each of the areas that make up your being as a whole living entity.

35 Day Power of Practice Challenge (6 weekly classes + a new video every week + homework)

Gain control of your health, your fitness and your aging process. Through yoga, diet, and personal commitment, you will set yourself free to live the life you deserve. In 35 days, you will radically change your body and reawaken your soul.


The program includes:

  • A weekly yoga class designed to build muscle physically and mentally, break a sweat, and burn fat.
  • After each class, participate in empowering discussions that offer you tools to stop sabotaging your success and start living from a place of strength and sureness.
  • Every week you will receive a new 10 minute at-home yoga video. These homework workouts will keep your progress blazing between classes.
  • The Power of Practice Meal Plan. A detailed and flexible meal plan for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans. Cleanse your body of chemicals, gluten and dairy with over 200 delicious high protein/low fat recipes that fuel your body and build muscle



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